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Friday, 14 March 2014

the makeup mishaps tag

I recently saw that Becca from Becca's Fashion and Life had gone all techy and created her own tag! Its called 'The Makeup Mishaps Tag' and although I don't often do tags, I really liked this one and thought I'd do it myself. Hope you don't mind!! 

You're going to a high end beauty event - would you rather:

Have really thick, dark, sharpie eyebrows or a major neck/foundation line?
Defo thick, dark, sharpie eyebrows! I have dark and mega thick eyebrows (no, not through over doing it, naturally believe it or not!) so this is something I'm quite used to. Who on earth would want a foundation line?! 

Have chipped nail polish or horribly faded lipstick?
Chipped nail polish. Heres a little secret i'm not sure if I've mentioned before: I bite my nails. I don't EVER wear nail polish, so chipped nails is really something I wouldn't care about! 

Have smudged all your eye make up or have lipstick on your teeth?
I would have to say lippy on the teeth. Simply because that can sometimes go unnoticed, and if your lucky you wouldn't be wearing a bright colour! 

Over highlight - a la disco ball - or over pluck those brows and look constantly surprised?
A la disco ball. It would be a tricky task to over pluck my brows as it is, so i'd defiantly go with over highlight. 

It's a typical working/school day, and unfortunately your beauty products have gone missing. You can only find a few things hidden at the bottom of your makeup bag, and have to use what you can find. What do you choose?

 OTT unsubtle fake lashes or clear mascara?
OTT unsubtle fake lashes! I'm all about the hugeeee lashes and although I could probably get away with wearing clear mascara, I'd rather my lashes to be huge!

A foundation five shades too dark or five shades too light?
Dark. I'm olive skinned so pale would just look absolutely ridiculous! Plus I'm on the darker shades of foundation anyway!

Hair-gloss (a beautifully sticky gloss: perfect for getting your hair stuck to in the wind) or gorgeous concealer lips?
Hate to say it but gorgeous concealer lips! Theres absolutely nothing I hate more than getting your hair stuck in glossy lips, thats actually one of the reasons I don't wear gloss!!

Finally, it's the middle of summer - you can have either a manicure or a pedicure. However, the other set of nails have to be bare - what do you pick?
Manicure obvs. I don't care about feet. Feet are ugly! Why would you even look at them?!

I tag everyone!! 



  1. Ooh I like this tag too :D some of the questions are so hard to answer lol xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. Ooo I like this tag! Like Gemma said above, Some are rather tough! xx

  3. I love this tag, such challenging questions x


  4. Lovely tag! Think I might have to steal it and do it too X


  5. haha this one made me laugh!! Strong brows are kind of a thing now, so why not try it? haha!!
    I would have to say that the foundation 5 shades lighter/darker scares me, I think I would rather go barefaced!
    The Beauty Break


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