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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Swarovski Aura perfume set*

How gorgeous are these bottles?!?! 
I recently won Michelle from TSNC big blog giveaway which meant I won nearly £600 worth of prizes! I was sooo super excited when I won because its my first winning! A huge chunk of the prizes are coming from her directly but some of them came from different brands. I was going to do one big post about everything but as I'm receiving things every day (it seems!) I was couldn't wait and wanted to do separate posts. 

I received this yesterday from The London Perfume Company who sent me this Aura by Swarovski* gift set. It includes 4 miniature versions of the Aura set. I have slight confession. I can't actually work out how to open them so I haven't actually smelt them yet, BUT I'm absolutely in love with the packaging!!! Its soooo nice. The colours are gorgeous and the actual bottles are so lovely. 

"Swarovski Aura is a sophisticated fragrance which captures the beauty and luminosity of Swarovski crystals. It begins with sweet top notes of lychee and rose and dries to a heart of white tuberose. It finishes with base notes of amber, benzoin, pink pepper and white musk which add a warm aspect to the floral scent. Its elegant composition of feminine aromas reflects the timeless, incandescent quality of crystals and makes it perfect for all occasions. This fabulous miniature set makes it easy to carry your favourite fragrance around with you through the day, and is perfect for a cheeky top up on a night out."

Thank you to Rosie at The London Perfume Company who I spoke to and was very lovely! 

Have you tried these perfumes? What do you think of the packaging?


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  1. How on earth do you open them? 😳


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