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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Rimmel @ Poundland?!

This post is well overdue as this quad has been sitting in my draw just waiting to be photographed for some weeks now. Myself and my boyfriend went into Poundland a few weeks ago to get some sweets however whenever I go in there I always make sure I have a look at the makeup section. Most of it is a bit rubbish but occasionally they have random bits and on this day, it was a lucky random find day.

I found this Rimmel London Glam'Eyes quad. Mine is 018 'Romantic Cool'. It doesn't take a genuius to work out it was a whole, huge, massive, whopping £1!!! I have since looked online and if you click on the link above, they retail at £6.99 so this was a HUGE find and although I wasn't all that amazed by it, I still can't believe it was £1!! They also had loads of the HD Eyeshadow palettes but they only had those in bright blue which didn't really interest me. They also had tiny tubes of the ever famous 'wake me up' but it didn't actually say what the product was or the colour so I left these. 

I have a makeup look using this quad coming tomorrow so look out for that! 

Have you found any good makeup in Poundland?



  1. Can't believe you found this in Poundland, it's such a lovely combination of colors :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Love that quad, the colours are beautiful!! I always make sure to look at the nail polishes, usually get some good Sally Hansen ones which retail for £6.99 too I think so can't pass up that offer!! x

    Lizzie //

  3. I love these colours for spring! I can never find Rimmel in Poundland, but this is such a bargain x


  4. All the shadows look pigmented!

  5. I love Poundland for makeup bargains! It's a bit hit and miss sometimes but on a good day you can find branded makeup products like this Rimmel Quad that currently retails for a much higher price elsewhere!

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

  6. You can find some amazing beauty buys in cheap shops! I found a Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad with blue tones in Discount UK for 99p!

    Hannah xo

  7. I must admit this isnt a quad I'd usually go for, I'm not big on light colours for my eyes, I need a darker colour mixed in there to go with my dark eyes and skintone, pastels always look weird on me though now my hair is pastel I can sort of get away with it a little but it never looks right!

    It looks amazing on you though in your latest post xxx

    Lucie xx

    Fatbeautyx // Youtube

  8. Great bargain, can't believe you found this in the poundshop! x

  9. I like your blog and your pictures! :)


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