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Monday, 10 March 2014

Primark S/S 2014 collection

IT'S HEREEEE. Primark Spring/Summer 2014 collection has been officially released (although I could be very late on this as when I was researching I found a post from a week ago but with different images. Can anyone confirm what has been released today?!) 

I think I'm one in many that get excited for the Primark releases, mainly because of how on point Primark always are but also the prices aren't too bad either, are they ;-). It's no secret in the blogging/anywhere world that they are very popular and this collection will be no different I can assure you. 

This collection is filled with pastels and prints which you can see from the pictures above. These are some of my favourite pieces that I've seen so far but I'm sure there are loads more to come! I absolutely love everything but mainly the bikini in the top image, and I can honestly 100% say I would wear everything from the bottom row (with a bit of gym work thrown in too!).

I don't have a Primark close to me but I can feel that I need to take a little trip just to get some of these.

Have you seen Primark's S/S collection? Do you like it?!



  1. I've not been in primark for ages! There clothes have definitely improved since my last visit (almost 2 years ago) and I will definitely be buying some of the new collection x


  2. FML! Everything looks amazing. I LOVE the prints :O I want everything X


  3. Yeah I saw this new collection on the Daily Mail website- I think it's great. For the prices you can't really go wrong!

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  4. LOVE THIS! A big Primark is opening up in town where I'm at uni so I think I'll be spending way too much time in there next year! I always love Primark pieces but the nicest clothes are so hard to find a few weeks later :( I plan on going tomorrow hopefully I'll find some of these! X


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