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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Mascaras I wouldn't repurchase

Some controversial ones here. As I always mention (yeah, I know you're probably bored of me saying!!) I use A LOT of mascara, probably more than pretty much anyone I've seen whiles blogging. I always have done since I've known what mascara is and I personally love the 'spidery' lashes. These are all mascaras I would defiantly not re-buy for whatever reason.

Rimmel Rockin' Curves* - I received this from the lovely Helena in our valentines box swap. She got it for me because she was really curious as to how it worked.. Well, Helena, its rubbish. I have seen reviews on this and the majority really liked it which makes me think maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I have tried to use this again and again and I just really don't like it. It doesn't do ANYTHING for me at all and I'm really not a fan. 

Maybelline Rocket Mascara - I found this lurking at the back of my mums huge makeup draw still unopened. I thought I would give it a go as I couldn't see her using it any time soon. Oh boy, how I wish I didn't bother! This was the most POINTLESS mascara I have ever used. Absolutely NO product came off the brush and it genuinely didn't even look like I had used a thing on my lashes. I would stay away from this at all costs and I would never ever use it again. Not even if I had completely run out! That's how unimpressed I am!! 

Collection No Clumps Mascara - I got this free in one of those 'spend over such and such and get this free'. Because its free I can't exactly slate it, but its no good really. I have tried to use it on a few different occasions but it doesn't work for me. That's not to say it might not work for someone else! 

NYC Big Bold Mascara - I'm not 100% sure how I got this because I'm pretty cert I didn't buy it myself. The reason I think this is because it isn't the type of brush I would go for. I love thin brushes not thick ones because I just don't think they work very well (for me, anyway!). This mascara just didn't work. But then again, I did have a feeling it wouldn't! 

Benefit 'They're Real' - ha, this is the real controversial one. Firstly, the price would put me off buying it again anyways. My mum got me this for Christmas and although its not BAD and I would use it again if it got bought for me, I wouldn't buy it myself. In my opinion, it does exactly the same as my all time fave NYC mascara and if I wore one on each eye you probably wouldn't be able to even tell the difference. The price for the size you get is insane and considering how quickly I use mascaras, this would be pointless to spend so much! 

What mascara wouldn't you repurchase? 



  1. I was also disappointing by the Maybelline Rocket mascara! x


  2. Great picks! I love the Max Factor False Lash Effect :)

  3. Hi, I do totally agree with you on the Maybelline Rocket! Everybod raves about it but I hate it! I don't know if you had this problem too but what drove me crazy about it was not only what you mentioned but also the "removing" process was endless! Blah! I usually like maybelline mascaras but I would never buy this one again! xx Regi

  4. I tried the Soap and Glory mascara a couple of weeks ago, and it was awful. But lots of people use it and they really like it, so I thought it must be me, but I just couldnt get on with it, so I definitely would not buy that one again.

  5. I agree about the benefit mascara I bought mine in duty free, it does do what it promises but it's like concrete to get off and is over priced x

  6. I completely agree with the scandeleyes one, i thought most of that range was terrible. Wasn't expecting the benefit one though, may have to stay away from it in the future. Lovely post x

  7. Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara (in the orange tube) is my favourite ever, but the Rockin' Curves one never really appealed to me. I never tried the Rocket, but I can see just from the brush that it wouldn't work for me! xx

    Abby |

  8. Ahhh, I'm sorry about that mascara :( I had read some promising reviews!
    Lovely post though!

  9. I've got both the Rimmel Rockin' Curves and Maybelline Rocket mascara and I agree, I wouldn't repurchase either of them. Not because I'm overly unimpressed with both but because I just don't think either is anything special or wow. I HAVE to use both of them in combination with my all time favourite, L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes (in extra black) X

  10. I really liked the They're Real and I guess I'll be skipping the Rock It xx

  11. These girls in my fashion class were talking about Benefit's mascara. The price put me off too! Rimmel has plenty of awesome mascaras and so does Loreal. I'm glad I read your review! I have been wanting to try the Rocket Volume for the longest, but nevermind now. Haha. You just saved me some money girl!!!! :D


  12. so glad someone agrees about the Benefit - I think it is absolutely useless and I can not believe I wasted money on it due to the hype :( so frustrating! Love, Gemma xx

  13. I stopped wearing mascara and opted for false lashes a long time ago. Me and mascara just don't get on at all! I hate when you see on the adverts a little disclaimer to say "model has been styled with some lash extensions" What's the point! Refreshing to see someone honest about products!


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