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Monday, 10 February 2014

Whats in my bag?

I'm a very nosey person and I always have been. My dad says that when I was younger and he would be on the phone, as soon as he got off I'd be asking 'who was that? What did they want?' which is why, as you can imagine I LOVE 'whats in my bag' posts. I love looking at what people carry around with them, although most the time it is the usual 'purse, makeup, notebook'. I thought I would do this post because my bag is quite interesting, and let me explain why. 
I carry everything I could ever need for any situation at any place or time. I go from house to house (home, to boyfriends, to dads, to home.. you get the jist) so for this reason, I need everything with me at all times. It would make more sense to just get two of everything to leave at the houses, but no.

My bag is this huge one from Topshop (can't find exact link). I don't think this picture does it justice at the size. Everyone laughs at me and I get called Mary Poppins quite a lot. Another funny thing is, if anyone ever needs something quite random they ask me because the chances are I will have it!

Whats even funnier is (you wouldn't guess with my bag!) I suffer from quite bad back problems. Late last year I was bed-bound for a week because I couldn't move from pulling my back. But for this reason, I ALWAYS carry my medication that I need in case of back ache etc. I also carry normal medication (paracetmol and ibuprofen) so if you need any, I'm ya gal! My gorgeous makeup bag and matching purse are obvious needs.  

iPhone | work lanyard (I actually always carry two, a spare incase!) | makeup wipes | backcombing brush (never know when you'll need it!) | a range of lipsticks | range of clips | post-it notes, pens, glue and scissors (for college, I swear!) | broken body spray | Casio watch (only wear this for work so always carry it with me) | spare necklace

So there we have it. My Mary Poppins bag in all its glory. I always try to downsize but end up back to this beauty, simply because I need everything that I carry believe it or not! 

Have you done a whats in my bag post? Leave your links!



  1. Wow that's a lot of stuff! I love it! :D
    I am the same when it comes to packing my bag because I also pack EVERYTHING that I could possibly need! XD

    Great post!

  2. I've always wanted to do a post like this! Thanks for the major inspiration! So interesting to see what other ladies lug around in their 'mary poppins' bags :)

    New follower! xx

  3. You remind me of my friend, whatever you need she will have it! I love your bag x


  4. Cute bag x

  5. I love post like these! It lets me be nosey without being annoying! (:

    I love that bag, absolutely hate that the only Topshop near me is an 8 hour drive away. Stupid America...


  6. You weren't kidding about your 'mary poppins' bag, I'm impressed you can carry all that. Love your purse and makeup bag, so cute!

    Georgie xx


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