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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Valentines box swap | what I got

I mentioned a few months ago (WOW?!) now that I was taking part in the Valentines box swap that Lucie from Fatbeautyx and Sam from Mascara & Cakes set up and I'm back today to show you what I received. 

I was told that I was going to be sending Helena from Helena Loves a box, and she also sent me one back but at the time we obviously didn't know this. We had to give a short list of products we like and don't like for our valentine to use as a guideline. 

All my items were individually wrapped which was so lovely. They also had loads of confetti heart things with a letter! All my items had a separate letter inside the wrapping to explain why she got me it.

Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick

Kate Moss lipstick

Scandal eyes mascara

Lip stain with balm

CK highlighter

Scandal eyes eyeliner

Collection eyeshadow palette

I absolutely loved everything I received and Helena really chose well! I have used the Rimmel lipstick and I'm seriously in love!!! The eyeliner is amazing and the CK highlighter has become one of my must have products!

I want to say a massive thank you to Lucie and Sam for arranging the whole thing - it really was amazing and I hope that you do one again! 
And huge thanks to Helena for my items!! 

Have you tried any of the items that I got?



  1. Glad you liked them hun <3 It was so fun but so hard buying for someone else!

  2. Aw you got some amazing gifts, I'm definitely going to so a box swap in the future x


  3. Your presents are LOVELY! So jealous of your Collection palette as I've been wanting to try it as well as the CK Highlighter. So glad you are pleased and thanks for participating love xx

    Samantha |

  4. Aw this is such a lovely idea! You got some amazing products too x

    Lauren // What Lauren Says

  5. Oh I'm so so so glad you loved your box. It looks amazing! Helena did an amazing job! :D <3 The Rimmel Moisture Lipstick colour is amazing, which shade is it?!

    Thanks so much for Participating hun xxx

  6. This is such a good idea ! Your presents are also gorgeous and so thoughtful !

    Please check out my new post -

    Izzy x

  7. Oh my gosh, that box looks soo amazing! Love the Kate Moss lipsticks!

  8. Looks like you got some lovely things, she even put in lovely notes to explain why she bought each item! How lovely!


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