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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Outfit of the day - pink to make the boys wink!!

Again we have a lovely photo shoot, this one I have named 'camera balancing on a bbq in the garden hoping it won't fall over'. I got this t-shirt on a sale rail in Primark the other day, it was £3 and my mum and boyfriend both hated it. I really liked it so got it anyways, and today I have finally wore it! I've paired it with my topshop white leighs that I got last summer for around tenner (bargain!!!) and my disgusting white vans. If I'm honest I really do not like the vans with this outfit buuuut I have such a problem with shoes and my white jeans, I can only wear sandals! Summer jeans they are.

Do you own white jeans?! Is shoes a problem too?! 



  1. your tshirt is really cute and your makeup looks great

  2. Ah you look lovely! The top is really cute! What a bargain! x


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