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Thursday, 6 February 2014


As I previously mentioned on my last MUA haul, I had already ordered some things from the website. I'm extremely disappointed in the time the items took to come (well over a week after order) so I doubt I'll be buying from MUA direct again, but I still looove them and I love all the products I got. I still have hope!!!

I have honestly been very happy with everything I got. I got the fashionista concealer on a bit of a whim because of two reasons. A) I'm not a huge concealer user (mainly because its not that needed at the moment) B) because it was £1.50 and I can't use the Collection bloggers fave because it irritates my skin. So far, this one hasn't irritated me at all and I'm really happy with it. 
I didn't really need a new matte foundation as I currently have two (which is a lot for me!) that i'm really happy using. I got this, again because it was £1 and its good! I wasn't expecting much as you can imagine.
I ordered the flawless primer after a complete nightmare with my skin and putting foundation on (thats another story!) and WOW! What have I been doing not using a primer?! This is my first ever experience with any kind of primer and wowsawowsaWOWSA!! I'm in love.
Highlighting is something I've ALWAYS wanted to be a pro at because it looks gorgeous. This is my first kind of highlighter, and I love it. I need to learn how to use it a bit more, but first impressions is good.
I don't use eyeliners half as much as I probably should because I get complements when I do. I got this eyeliner just to try out, and I love the colour. Its like a dusky grey colour, and it looks lovely slightly smudged. I will be using this a lot!
Finally, I got two lipsticks as I love the MUA lippys. I got shade 3 and shade 4. I mentioned in my previous MUA haul that I thought I had actually bought the same colour as what I had ordered online, and I had!! Oh well, for a quid I'm not moaning. I can keep one in my bag and one at home!

So there we have it, another MUA haul! I hope to bring you another one too as I'm in a complete haze with MUA. I just love it!!!

Are you a huge fan of MUA like me?!



  1. Looks like you got some great stuff - £1 for a foundation is amazing! xx

  2. I've never tried MUA products before but they seem so cheap, definitely good for a student budget x


  3. Ooh great haul! I have the fashionista concealer and actually really like it but had forgotten about it but this has reminded me! Also the highlighter is amazing! x

  4. I need to get a nice haul soon, loved what you got! I wanted to get one of those foundations too but I wasn't too sure! I shall get one x

  5. You really cannot knock em' for their pricing! I have a red lipstick and concealer palette by MUA and okay they aren't fantastic but they do the job and for the money they are great buys for when you are skint! Great haul. I'm too allured by packaging though and still tend to buy high-end... it is an obsession.

    Thank you for your beautiful comments on my blog. Always lovely to read. You have amazing eyes by the way! You should do more look posts :)

    Hollie x

  6. ugh i cant wait to try some MUA products. Since doing the Valentines box swap ive not wanted to buy anything just in case and been told not to by some blogging friends wanting to spoil me but i cant wait to get some bits!!! EEEEE lol

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