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Monday, 3 February 2014

Hair consoltation / What should I be using on my hair? / FatbeautyxGuest Post

Hi there Daisy's Followers!

My name is Lucie and I have a blog over at
 I'm 25, A qualified hairdresser, Studying to be a Make Up Artist and far too quirky for my full time desk job, so back in November I started a blog! I post about Beauty, Fashion ( plus size fashion mostly as I'm reppin' the curves :P) and some lifestyle posts. 

 Every time I get together with some bloggers or even friends, we end up talking hair, The do's, The don'ts etc, and I'll make a comment and my hairdresser lingo comes out and I get busted and then all the questions come flooding in, the one I always get " what should I be using on my hair?" So I figured I'd play hairdresser with you lovely lot on Daisy's blog and give several "one to one's" as I would do in the salon if you came in to have your hair done with me.

Now I made this little chart and gave each one numbers at the end, so all you have to do is follow this chart and whatever number you get is the products I'd recommend for you to be using on your hair. Now I tried to do my best with the questions but there may be some people that fit into more then one category and I'd need to ask more questions so if thats you feel free to comment below and I'll be checking them out and can give you your own set of products depending on your hair :) even after you have read your number, its totally worth reading the others to the end where I have a final message and round off the post :) x


Now remember to shampoo twice and focus on the roots. This helps take away and product build up and really cleanses the hair and scalp. Then with the conditioners or treatments. Apply to midlengths and ends running your fingers through your hair then run it through to the roots and leave for 5 -10 mins while you do your other shower/ bath activities. Then rinse hair till clean making sure you remove all product, pat and squeeze dry in your towel, dont rough your hair up in your towel, this will just scruff up your hair cuticle and make it feel and look damaged. Then apply any heat protection or detangling or whatever products you are using to your towel dry hair from your mid lengths to ends and dry with your hairdryer on a medium cool heat with the nozel facing down so it blows the hair down. This will help the hair cuticle lay flat instead of drying your hair in every direction which will make it appear more fluffy and dry.

right, lets get started

Hi there, Nice to meet you. I'm Lucie and I'll be your hairdresser for today, Lets take a seat and have a little chat about your hair !

1. So your hair is coloured, It's been bleached either with highlights or your whole hair has been bleached to get it lighter ( maybe you want a funky colour on it or maybe you just like that light blonde platinum look ) The fact that your hair is thick probably means when you blow dry it it looks and feels dry not to mention you are rocking this cave man troll look. ( sadly we can't all pull it off though :( )

Now depending on how damaged it is, when your hair is wet, if you pull it, can you feel it pulling a bit like an elastic band? That's the hairs elasticity telling you to stop bleaching it and put a protein based treatment in it like the ones I'm listing below for you! If its not too stretchy then there may be hope for us yet to save your hair! haha. When you are bleaching the hair you are stripping the keratin in the hair. ( If you have bleached your hair at home you will notice one of the final stages is the yellow stage.) The yellow in your hair is actually keratin and should always be toned and not coloured over but I know alot of people now a days bleach with no regard to what it's doing to their hair, So its important if you are bleaching, to put back keratin ( which is protein ) in the hair to make it stronger, and eventually get back shine and will help with dryness and frizz.

You said your hair was thick so it's going to be ok to use some hardcore treatments without fear of making your hair greasy. If you DO suffer with greasy roots, I'd recommend checking out the products mentioned for number 2 just in case!

High End 
Shampoo - Kerastase Bain Force Architecte 
Conditioner - Masque Force Architecte as a conditioner.
Low End
Shampoo - Redken Extreme 
 Conditioner - Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus 

2. If you picked 2 then that means your hair Is still pretty damaged but its not thick so we don't want to be using any conditioners or treatments that are too intense as that will weigh your hair down, make it limp and even possibly greasy! You can still use the shampoos above but instead of using each range's treatments as conditioners we are just going to use the conditioners which will be moisturising enough for your finer yet still damaged hair!

High End 
Shampoo - Kérastase Bain Force Architecte 
Conditioner - Kérastase ciment anti-usure
Low ish End
Shampoo - Redken Extreme 
 Conditioner - Redken Extreme 

3. So you colour your hair, it's not being bleached so your hair isn't overly processed but i'm sure it's pretty damaged and dry so we want to focus on adding moisture to it to get back that soft, shiny all round good condition hair. The good news is, it's probably not that bad but we want to go in with some treatments to bring your hair back to life.

 So all you 3's out there, I'm recommending Kérastase 's Bain Satin range which is great for restoring moisture back in the hair. Because we want it to be extra moisturising. If you have thick hair you can use the masquintese from the range which is a treatment, but use it as your conditioner focusing it on the mid-lengths to ends and leaving it on the hair for 10 mins and rinsing it out. If you do prefer something lighter then I'd suggest looking at number 4 which is good for moisture but better for finer hair!

High End 
Shampoo - Kérastase Bain Satin 2
Conditioner -  Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense
Low End
Shampoo - Elvive Full restore
 Conditioner - Elvive full restore treatment 

4. If you got 4 that means your hairs coloured, but its not bleached and you are not using all over tint on it so it might mean you are using funky colours all over, that don't have peroxide or anything or you are trying to achieve something colour wise, either way that means its still damaged but its not that bad so I'd still recommend the Kérastase Bain Satin Shampoo and the Elvive Full Restore Shampoo but instead of using the treatments as conditioners like the number 3's, these may be a little too much for your hair so I'll suggest a different product to use conditioner wise below.

High End 
Shampoo - Kérastase Bain Satin 2
Conditioner -  Kérastase Lait Vital
Low End
Shampoo - Elvive Full restore
 Conditioner - Elvive full restore 

5.If you got a number 5, your hair isn't damaged from colouring but you said it was dry and thick so we want to focus on putting some moisture into the hair and helping keep it smooth and sleek so however we are styling it, its going to be looking soft and healthy! So seeing as you have thick hair, we can use a slightly more dense masque on your ends to really help tame any frizz and bring it alot of shine so I have listed some products below, If you think these deep masques may be a bit too much for your hair or you often find you get greasy hair, then go to number 6 for a slightly lighter conditioner.

High End 
Shampoo - Kérastase Oleo Relax
Conditioner -  Kérastase Oleo Relax masque
Low End
Shampoo - Elvive smooth and polish
 Conditioner - Elvive smooth and polish masque

6. We still want something moisturising but nothing too heavy that will make your hair lank or greasy so these would be great on your hair to help promote moisture and give your hair shine!

High ish End 
Shampoo -Redken all soft
Conditioner -  Redken all soft 
Low End
Shampoo - Elvive Nutri-gloss shine
 Conditioner - Elvive smooth and polish masque

If you picked 7 or 8 your hair is probably in pretty good condition, has a good-ish shine and is relatively healthy, so shampoo wise you could be using the nutri gloss as above or anything that will promote shine and nourishment but maybe unlike 1-6 where you need products to help your hair from colour damage, you may have come to 1 and 2 because you use alot of heat on your hair and you need to protect it.

There are loads of heat protecting sprays out there, but my personal favourites are 
the lee stafford flat iron heat protecting spray and the GHD heat protecting spray.

I personally use the lee stafford both when drying and straightening and any other styling involving heat. The smell reminds of me the perfume angel and I find it does a great job!

It's pretty hard to match up every single persons hair as a generalisation without seeing the hair and the condition but as a rough guide I have outlined  most categories and listed products that I have personally used and found I got the best results. 

I hope you enjoyed my little hair post here on daisy's blog. Hair is one but many of the beauty topics I talk about over on my blog I hope maybe you will come over and check out some of my posts or add me on my social links!

Lucie xx

Blog lovin':



  1. Thanks so much for asking me to do this guest post Daisy <3 ( PS Love the new layout ) xx

  2. This is a great post, I'll definitely try some of the products you have suggested x



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