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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Ebay Brushes

If you've read my blog for a while you'll probably know (or if you didn't, you do now!) I got a 15pc ELF brush set for Christmas and I have really enjoyed using those up until now. They need a mega clean as I have been lazy and I recently saw a post about a 24pc brush set from Ebay. The one I had read about was pink brushes which was mainly why I even bothered looking. I think they were £9 inc postage which is amazing, especially when she had given the brushes a really good review! 

So I went onto the link given to see if I wanted to get some for myself. I was pretty gutted when they said 'out of stock' but I noticed the seller had thousands of items for sale (they were more like a wholesaler) so after a little looking I came across these beauties. They are the exact same set, just wooden and these were a huge grand total of £7.50 inc postage. P&P was 50p. 50p!!!!?? I quickly text mum as I knew she was looking for some brushes too. She ordered two sets and they arrived 2 days later.

You can get the brushes here.

There are more brushes than I'd even know what to do with them. I'm really excited to get trying these and see how they are. For you nit pickers, there is actually 23 brushes as I lost one down the back of the washing machine *sad face* but to be honest I'm really not bothered. There are plenty here to be getting on with!

My mum is off out tonight and has actually used some of her brushes, and she says that they were very good. 'Very soft' is all she kept saying. I will defiantly have to take some time trying them all out as their not labeled so you could literally use any brush for anything you wanted. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about this as I haven't got any direction at all, and the more experienced makeup lover might have a clue but I certainly don't! hehe.

I'm super duper excited to try these out over the next few days! I might even do some makeup looks for you all! 

Let me know if you get these brushes or already have them, I would be interested to know what you use each one for! hahaha.



  1. You can't really complain with that price. Good find ;) X


  2. These look great, and such a good price! The next time I am buying brushes I might have to take a look on ebay!

    Lauren |

  3. Oh these look great.
    I love the Real Techniques brushes because they label what they're for and have tutorial videos for them, I need guidance!

  4. I bought a similar set from amazon but have lost quite a few so might give this one a try :) x

  5. I have a few of ELF brushes. For the price, they are really good brushes. haven't had an issue with them so far.

  6. Ooh these look like they could be good! The fan type brush I know a lot of people use to wipe away like eyeshadow fall out but I use my fan brush to apply powder highlighter and feel it gives a really nice application! x

  7. I just ordered a makeup brush set but from Amazon. In my set, there was 16 with no label from the pictures and they were purple ombre to blue. Hopefully they are good too, which I'll do a review on my blog about them. (:
    ~Makaela at


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