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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

#2014 blogger challenge - once upon a time...

Due to some 'technical difficulties', bad time management and a million and one excuses, my skin care post never went live. After emailing Gaby, she said that its absolutely fine to carry on (thank god!) so here I am today with my 'once upon a time' post.

This weeks theme is books. I will just start by telling you I do not read books. I have read very few books in my life time willingly (unwillingly at school) and I wouldn't even be able to tell you the names of the ones I have read so for me I found this challenge a little harder to write about. I can only try my very hardest to explain to you the types of books I read and why I like them. 

There is absolutely no way I can explain to you why I like these kinds of books, I just do. I find them so interesting to read (not in a horrible, pitying way) but they never fail to amaze me. I have cried over books like these in the past, and if you ever saw me reading a book it would be one like this.

I really wanted to try and make this post as long as I could but to be honest, I really can't say much more. I'm not a reader, and I probably never will be!



  1. Some people like fantasy, some like horror stories, some like history books, everyone is different, it would be boring if we all would be the same. :)

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