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Thursday, 16 January 2014

YSL sheer lipstick / daisydaisyxxo

Another over due post as I said there would be some this week. This was actually my gift from my mum when they returned from their holiday at the end of December. She's quite good to me really as she knows I wouldn't have appreciated some old tat, and she got this in duty free which made it slightly cheaper. It's my first 'designer' lipstick and she knew I wanted one as she got one for Christmas last year and I was very jealous. 

Mine is a sheer candy one and I can't remember the exact colour but you can buy one similar here for £23.50. I personally wouldn't EVER even dream of spending that money on a lipstick but now I have it I'm very glad as I've been wearing it loads. It has a lovely smell to it too, someone said oranges but I'm still not 100% on what the actual smell is. 
I really love this lipstick as it is sheer so it isn't a proper full on colour but is a very lovely tint and surprisingly much like a lip balm! 

What was your first designed lipstick? Have you got a YSL lippy?



  1. This colour is absolutely beautiful x


  2. Hey! This is such a gorgeous lipstick and I love your blog!
    I'm a new blogger and would love it if you could check out my blog and then maybe follow me? :)

  3. OMG, just when I had gotten this out of my mind you come at me with this post! This is the perfect every day shade and it looks beautiful on you. xx

  4. Hi dear, you have such amazing blog, I wish we can follow each other, if you decided to do so and follow me on BLOGLOVIN, please let me know so I can follow you back. xoxo

  5. This looks good! :) I agree with you though, it's a lot to spend on a lipstick x
    Sweet Dreams

  6. I have the #4 and it's the only ysl lipstick that I have but I love it *-* Yours is really gorgeous too ;)

  7. That packaging ahhhh! STUNNING! I'm not a huge fan of light lipsticks but it looks lovely on you, Daisy



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