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Friday, 3 January 2014

Trip to Norway & Copenhagen

Hey everyone! 
Just wanted to let you all know that in a little while I will be flying to Norway to visit family and then on Sunday I will be getting the ferry to Copenhagen. 
I will be back on Tuesday and will try and post of Wednesday. 
I obviously probably won't be on here very much as I won't have much internet and I'll be busy etc but I'll catch up when I'm back :-)



  1. Have fun! And make sure you take plenty of pictures to show us! ^_^

  2. Sounds fun, enjoy your trip :)

  3. Lovely blog you've got, Daisy! :) Have fun!

  4. Have a great trip :) I tagged you in the liebster award! Check your questions at Katie May xoxo

  5. daisyyyyyyyyyyy you absolute beauty! Have a lovely time & be sure to take lots of pictures for us :D


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