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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Norway & Copenhagen // daisydaisyxxo

Hello everybody! When you read this I will probably be somewhere on my journey back to the UK after a crazy few days.
Me and my dad flew to Norway as my Nan (momo) is from there and we stayed with family. We stayed there for 2 nights and then got a ferry overnight to Copenhagen and stayed here there for 1 night. Unfortunately the weather hasn't been what we wanted at all. This is the first Christmas is many years that Norway has had no snow. Instead it wasn't even that cold, and was raining. When we got to Copenhagen it was tipping it down all morning, we went to see the Little Mermaid as my dad was desperate to see it, but after that we came back to the hotel and we haven't left since. It's been nice just relaxing because we've been non stop for the past few days.
I haven't been able to properly charge my phone due to me and my dad forgetting a plug adaptor, so I've been charging on computers which is so slow!! 
I did bring my camera but to be honest I haven't really used it that much. I haven't really took many pictures at all, which is weird for me but I guess Ive just enjoyed spending time with my family.

Typical areoplane shot

'The Barcode' buildings in Oslo

The opera house in Oslo

Me and my dad

Oslo opera house


Aunt Elisabeth, my dads auntie

Cousins horse

Dad on horse

Me on horse

Opera house from far

Ferry to Copenhagen

Ferry ticket

Me on the ferry

So nearly purchased in duty free! Defo getting one on pay day

Dad bought me a lush superdry jacket in duty free

We did tonnes whiles being in Norway. Saw everything there was to see, all family and even went shopping! There isn't much to see in Copenhagen so as long as my dad saw The Little Mermaid he was happy to just chill, so thats what we did. Were going home tomorrow and although I have enjoyed my time here, I'm ready to get back. 4-5 days feels like months! 



  1. Lovely photos :) I've been bitten by the travelling bug lately and all the Scandinavian countries etc are on my list to go to!

  2. Looks like you had a fab time. I love Copenhagen and try and visit my friend out there once a year, but I haven't been to Norway before.
    Laura x
    My Life in a Blog

  3. Gorgeous photos!! Sad to hear the weather wasn't great but I'm so jealous you got to visit Copenhagen I'd love to go!

  4. beautiful photos, you on the ferry - perfect make up xx


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