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Sunday, 12 January 2014

MAKE UP LOOK - PINK EYES / daisydaisyxxo

I'm certainly not known for doing makeup looks, as Ive only recently got more into my makeup and strayed away from the average smokey eye look.
I had seen a pink smokey eye look and I was really excited to try it out myself. I'm 100% not ANY good at makeup in any way at all please let me tell you!


I used my ELF palette that my mum got me for Christmas along with a few colours from my Topshop smokey eye set.

My mum told me I looked like Madonna with my makeup and my outfit etc. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not?! Hehe. 
I'm quite proud of my look as I actually really like it, and as I've never tried ANY kind of colour on my face I'm proud that I've done it. 

Would you like to see some more makeup looks?



  1. What did you use on your eyes! x

    1. I used the first two colours on my topshop smokey eye palette, and then two pinky colours on my ELF palette! xx

  2. It suits you so much! And actually, when I was looking at the pictures I was like : Damn, she looks excactly like Madonna´s daughter! haha :D
    xx Regi

  3. This looks amazing, it suits you so much!

  4. Looks really great, and you have such long eyelashes! Jealous.

  5. Really pretty look x

  6. gorgeous , your eyes are stunning!! xxxx

  7. Firstly - your eyes are SO pretty!

    Secondly - love the look! It's gorgeous and suits you!

    I'd definitely want to see you do more looks!


    Amanda @


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