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Monday, 27 January 2014


On Saturday night, I made an MUA order. I justified myself as all the items I got were under £3 and I was secretly VERY pleased when I got about 9 items for £16 inc delivery. Knowing I had this order coming, why did I feel the need to go into my local Superdrug on Sunday, and buy more? I do not know. The worst thing is, I think I even got the same lipstick I ordered on Saturday! I must have really wanted it! 

Anyways just a quick haul for you today, and I will just warn its very picture heavy. I still have no idea why I felt I needed to take pictures of every item from different angles, especially when you probably either own the products yourself or have seen them on other blogs. *note, after writing this I took some pictures out*

mosaic bronzer *not exact shade

colour blast eyeshadow tint *not sure if exact shade

I am going to do some reviews of some of these products in the next few weeks, so please let me know if there is any you really want a review of! 

Have you tried MUA? How did you find it?



  1. great haul! I really need to buy some MUA make up products, I have no idea why I don't have any, considering the price x

  2. Undress me too is a lovely palette and I hope you get lots wear out of it! I've wanted to try the mosaic bronzer for a while, would be great to hear what you think of it :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. I haven't seen many reviews on the bronzer! Will defo do a review on it soon :-)

  3. I am excited to read the reviews! x

  4. I have never tried MUA products because the price makes me think it won't be good quality. I'm looking forward to your reviews which will probably change my opinion of their products and make me want to try them out x


  5. Love the undress me too palette! I owen the mosaic blush so would love to know what the bronzer is like?! x

    Lauren | What Lauren Says

  6. MUA is a bit of a hit and miss brand for me, some things are awesome, others...not so much. Their palettes are definitely a hit!

    Sharlotte // Sharlotte


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