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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Black on black on black

LET ME START BY SAYING SORRY. Sorry for these AWFUL pictures. As you have probably noticed, fashion isn't the main focus on my blog and I really want to try hard to include it a lot more but as I don't have anyone to take photos for me, here I am trying my hardest to do it myself! I do in fact have a lovely friend called Molly who is very good at photo taking but unfortunately she wasn't available today so yeah, camera balancing on wheelie bin, cabinet and window seal is what I'm working with. Sorry again. 

In the end I went to the good old mirror photo!

H&M jeggins *similar*
Trainers *no idea what their called, sorry!*

What have you been up to today?



  1. I really like your t-shirt! :) Posing for outfit photos is harder than anyone thinks!

  2. The pictures are very cute, I love your jeggings.

  3. Hey, these photos didn't turn out poorly at all! The ones of you standing outside have really neat lighting!
    And thanks for dropping by on my blog! xx


  4. you look gorgeous hun! lmao WHEELY BIN :P xxx


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