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Friday, 31 January 2014


WOOHOO I'm stupidly happy now I have my GFC gadget on my blog after the LOVELY Lucie at fatbeautyx spent a very long time helping me out to do it. 
PLEASE FOLLOW ME!! I have 10 followers :( :( :( :( 



All these little things..

I mentioned on Sunday that I had been shopping so there will be a few haul-type posts this week. Today is a very small haul, but I thought it was all very cute.

This dish I got was another of the cute bits I got for my new room from Dunelm Mill. 
I can never refuse to buy something with daisies on and my mum is the same. I saw this in the cheap jewellery section in River Island (do you know the ones I mean, the cute brown dotty packaging and everything is crazy cheap?!) and obviously you can see it was £3. 
I saw these clips and bun crown and NewLook have 20% off for for student discount, instead of the normal 10%. I loved the patterns on these clips, there was quite a few different ones but I preferred these ones. I also couldn't turn down this floral crown and you all know my signature hair is up in a bun!

Have you got anything cute recently? 


Thursday, 30 January 2014

Black on black on black

LET ME START BY SAYING SORRY. Sorry for these AWFUL pictures. As you have probably noticed, fashion isn't the main focus on my blog and I really want to try hard to include it a lot more but as I don't have anyone to take photos for me, here I am trying my hardest to do it myself! I do in fact have a lovely friend called Molly who is very good at photo taking but unfortunately she wasn't available today so yeah, camera balancing on wheelie bin, cabinet and window seal is what I'm working with. Sorry again. 

In the end I went to the good old mirror photo!

H&M jeggins *similar*
Trainers *no idea what their called, sorry!*

What have you been up to today?


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

For All My Eternity*

I have recently been in contact with a brand called For All My Eternity who are a self tanning brand. Their products are natural, organic and paraben-free and are all manufactured in the UK. As I have quite olive colour skin tone, I spent quite a lot of time picking which product I would like as I wasn't sure how the colours would come out on me. Because of this reason, I don't tend to tan often as I don't really need to.

Packaging: I love the logo for the brand. I think  its really clever and is simple but really effective. My tan came wrapped in black tissue paper, with a green ribbon around which had the words 'For All My Eternity' printed on to it. I really loved the packaging. Its defiantly a very strong point for the brand.

Price: I received Tanning Mousse - Original Edition 200ml* which costs £23.95 and also the Self Tan Applicator Mitt* which is £3.99. You obviously could pick these up cheaper from a lot of places but FAME sent me one as I mentioned I don't tan so therefore don't own one of these. Regular tanners would (I assume) own loads! 
The overall price of the mousse is fair I'd say. A lot of places do sell cheaper, but the brand is aimed to be a higher end luxury brand so you pay for what you're getting, not forgetting it is natural and organic and I'm not sure if its just me, but they always tend to be a little more expensive. I really do believe that with this product you are 100% paying for good quality. St Tropez 200ml retail at similar price, so you can use this in comparison.

Smell & application: The mousse was a lot darker than I expected so I was slightly worried what colour it would be on me as it was 'medium'. I can only imagine what 'dark' looks like! The smell wasn't horrible, although I can't say it was enjoyable. It was okay. The application was really easy. I just put it on as if I was putting on moisturiser and I found it really easy.

Flash (left has tan on, this was taken seconds after applying)

Non flash (left leg again).
You can defiantly see it more in the picture without a flash. As I said, these photos were taken seconds after application, and with this tan it is gradual and develops to up to 4 hours so I will update this will a further picture when a few more hours has passed.

Customer service: As I had quite a lot of contact with the brand, I would defiantly say their customer service is 10/10. They helped me chose the tan as I didn't really have a clue, sent me emails every step of the way and were sooo helpful. Hopefully, if you ordered from this brand you wouldn't have any problems, but say if you did, I'm sure that they would help you out all the way.

Overall, I had such a lovely experience with FAME and I would defiantly use the tan again. They were such lovely people to be in contact with, so easy and not to mention how good the tan is!!

What brand of fake tan do you use? Have you ever tried FAME?

*Disclaimer- this was sent to me to do a full and honest review. All images are my own. All opinions and thoughts are also my own and I haven't been paid to do this review.


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

AVON colour trend

Today I want to share with you something that has literally been sitting in my draws for over a good 6 months now - Avon colour trend double liners. I must admit, I don't even know if you can still buy these or if they're even still made however, I have done some research and although I can't find these, I have found some colour trend eyeliners in the exact same colours here.

Midnight blue and twinkling turquoise were the colours I had, and as you can see in the swatches, they look like the same colour!

Midnight blue

Twinkling turquoise 

Blue isn't a colour that I have tried much of in the way of eyes, simply because I stick to browns as its what I know. I have also been put of because of reasons I can't mention on here because I think i'd get a lot of hate for! I used these on my lower line and smudged on my makeup today, and I do really like the way it looks so maybe I will use them in this way.

Have you tried these? Do you like Avon?


Monday, 27 January 2014


On Saturday night, I made an MUA order. I justified myself as all the items I got were under £3 and I was secretly VERY pleased when I got about 9 items for £16 inc delivery. Knowing I had this order coming, why did I feel the need to go into my local Superdrug on Sunday, and buy more? I do not know. The worst thing is, I think I even got the same lipstick I ordered on Saturday! I must have really wanted it! 

Anyways just a quick haul for you today, and I will just warn its very picture heavy. I still have no idea why I felt I needed to take pictures of every item from different angles, especially when you probably either own the products yourself or have seen them on other blogs. *note, after writing this I took some pictures out*

mosaic bronzer *not exact shade

colour blast eyeshadow tint *not sure if exact shade

I am going to do some reviews of some of these products in the next few weeks, so please let me know if there is any you really want a review of! 

Have you tried MUA? How did you find it?


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Lovely Sundays!!

Hello everybodyyyy!!! I was going to leave writing anything today as it's already nearly 11pm and if I'm honest I didn't really have anything to write about. I have LOADS of posts coming up this week, all sorts so keep your eyes peeled for those! But for now I thought I would share with you what I've spent my day doing.

After a very rubbish nights sleep as I'm becoming poorly (again, I only just got better a week ago!!!) me and my mum had planned to go shopping today so I didn't want to let her down. Me, mum, my brother and stepdad went for breakfast at Frankie&bennys then went into town. I got a few new clothing items (post coming) and some new makeup (woohoooo post/s coming!!) and then we were going to buy furniture for my room. I mentioned recently that me and my brother have swapped rooms, and although mine was decorated and had a bed, there was no furniture for it so today was the day.

My bed was from Ebay and I'm not sure how much it was. My new desk/dressing table was from a furniture in my local town but there are loads online. Mine was a complete bargain so I couldn't say no! The handles weren't very nice though so we got some flowery ones to match my room.
I got loads of decorations and cushions and things from dunelm mill (my fave place for bedroom things!!). I still need a rug but it is nearly done!! I absolutely LOVE my new room and I'm sooo glad I swapped now!

I think I'm going to do a more indepth post about everything in my room soon as I have loads of little bits and pieces you can't see in the pictures!

Sorry this was a bit of a ramble and not really any revelevence but I thought id show you what I spent my day doing!!

How have you spent your Sunday? Have you had a nice weekend?

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