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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas presents - new makeup

I guess you're going to see a lot of these posts in the near future, and probably become verrrryyyy bored of them. I had some time spare this morning so I thought I'd jump the gun and get mine in quickly! I was thinking of doing a mini series but then I thought most items I've received/will be receiving aren't fashion/beauty related, so I will just do posts as they come. Enough rambling.

I got a new camera! Wheey! I was so excited but now I have it, I have to admit its not the best considering the price tag.. and maybe my expectations were too high anyway! But nevertheless, hopefully the pictures will be slightly better than iPhone quality! 

I've come to a point where I have completely run out of everything makeup related, so my mum just got me a whole new EVERYTHING! I forgot to include in this but I also got a ELF 100 piece eyeshadow set which is amazing!

All my new bits. I'm sooo super happy and I might even post a makeup-of-the-day kind of post later using all my new things! Hehe.

Did you get any new makeup?! What did you get for Christmas?



  1. Merry Christmas lovely :) You got some fab bits! The new camera looks good hun, what one have you got? hope you are having a lovely day! Do you have instagram?

    Hannah xo

  2. What a lovely load of products :-) I've heard only good things about Benefit 'They're Real' too!

    For Christmas I got a few of the Rimmel Apocalips & can't wait to try them out.

    Sophie xo soinspo


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