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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Make Up - Panto!

Last year my mum got married in September, and our closest family friends gave us 4 tickets to go to the Panto. We decided that we should make it a tradition as it was so good and we had such a lovely time. We went yesterday to see Aladdin. It was really good! I love things like that.

The only slightly awkward thing is I've only just noticed I have a smudged eyebrow! 
It really put me off posting these pictures but hey-ho, what can I do!

Bro didn't want to have a picture :-(

Have you been to any pantos this year?! 



  1. You look like a doll in this one! Lovely!
    Kisses, R.

    1. I don't know weather thats a good thing or not!? Thanks hun x

  2. Your eyeshaddow looks so gorgeous and makes your eyes look so big and bright!

  3. oooh lovely make-up and i am also loving your fur coat! xo

  4. your makeup looks amazing! really makes your eyes stand out :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

  5. You looks so pretty and thank you so much for your lovely congratulations to my birthday. :-)

  6. I hadn't noticed the smudged brow at all, nothing to be ashamed of, you look stunning! x


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