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Sunday, 8 December 2013


This is a very exciting post for me! I was recently contacted by the guys over at The Colour Contacts Hut to see if I wanted to review some of their contacts. Of course I said yes straight away as I've ordered from them before and was very pleased with my order.

I ordered the Crystal Blue Coloured Contacts as I didn't want to go to over the top with colour. I had previously ordered white contacts for Halloween which were amazing. The kit I ordered was £14.99 and they last for 90 days once their opened. There are other kits which are 1 day only, but I got the longer lasting ones so I could wear them again. 

I always have problems with putting the contacts on my eyes as I'm not experienced at all, so every time I've worn contacts my mum has had to do it for me (she's a pro!! Thanks mumma!)

The kit came with a big bottle of eye solution, 2 contact pots and mini pair of tweezers. As soon as they came I put them in, however I wasn't writing about them on that day so I put them both into the pots with solution. 

Well.. I thought I had. Unfortunately when I went to put them in today, apparently only one had survived. I was gutted but I thought i'd still show you the one so you can see what they look like, and luckily I had took a quick shot on my phone when I put them both in the first time.

My eyes before

With the one side contact lens. As you can see, when a flash is on you can really tell a difference, however when you look at them in person, I can't say you notice a MASSIVE difference. I'm gutted as I purposely picked some that I thought would suit me well but not over the top (the do every colour and patterned lens you could think of!).
Rubbish iPhone pic of them both in.

PROS: -the colour is amazing and all the colours they have are soooo cool
-they are defiantly 10000% much comfier than my last set and I think this is because of the thickness of the lenses
-normal colour ones actually look very real

CONS: -I'm not sure if this is the same with every person but they do irritate my eyes after a while
-one of my eyes is clearly a different size as the lens would NOT sit on my eye properly and kept falling down

Overall I defiantly would buy from The Coloured Contacts Hut again. The people were lovely to work with, the process was so easy and they're so cheap. As I mentioned the colours and patterns they do are amazing, and they defiantly have contacts for every occasion! Go and check them out! 

Have you ever tried any contacts? What colour or pattern?

*This product was sent to me by The Colour Contacts Hut to review. The fact that these were free has not effected my review in any way and all opinions are my own.



  1. I don't think I could ever put a contact in I would be to scared :/

    1. I'm awful at doing it, both times I've had other people do it for me. Defo couldn't be a contacts wearer! X

  2. I'd be too scared to put contacts in but I'd sure love to wear some brown ones!
    UK High Street Fashion Blog

    1. I was! And it's such a weird feeling as your not used to it at all. Cool though :-) x

  3. wow they do really make your eyes stand out, must make you star at the mirror forever

  4. Amazing!
    i really love to use contacts...even i have the same color contact............:)
    looks great!!!

  5. Prescription coloured contact lenses are the best way to change your looks easily...

    Contact Lens Hub

  6. I think they look good on you. Not too over the top.


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