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Saturday, 7 December 2013


I'm at home tonight which is a rare occurrence, and I've also got a camera and computer. A crap camera, but a camera none-the-less. I'm actually receiving a new camera for Christmas and it can't come soon enough!
So as I'm at home, I thought I would take the chance to take some pictures of some of the decs we have around the house. My mum is one of those that loves little bits and bobs, so all our decorations are lovely and I took so many, it was really hard to decide which few to pick.

Excuse the chair, I was going to crop it out but then I thought you wouldn't get the niceness of the tree! We have a real tree every year, and decorate with the same decs.

We always have this bowl with the light in, but when it comes to Christmas my mum adds a few ball balls and suddenly it looks all festive! 
My stocking

My new decoration this year

My brothers first Christmas dec

Every year me and my brother buy a new decoration as a tradition and these are a few from over the years

What are your Christmas traditions?

*NOTE- My family are away for 2 weeks starting from 8/12/13, and return 23/12/13 so in this time I won't have much computer time except when I'm at college. Please bare with me during this time as posts may not be up to normal standard.



  1. Great pictures, I'm soooo in a christmas mood right now!

  2. lovely :) nice pics!

  3. I just can't wait for it! Nice decoration items <3


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