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Monday, 23 December 2013


My family is finally home from their hols! Hurraahhh!! 
I have had a manic day and if I'm honest, I very nearly forgot all about today's post. I have finished all my shopping, had work until 9 (sale set up), then my mum picked me up at 10 from my boyfy's. I'm now home after 2 weeks of being away, and boy it feels good! 

I was searching on my laptop for a post that I had written meaning to post but hadn't got round to it, and I couldn't find anything. I then started looking through old pictures, and found all my prom pics! So I thought I'd bore you with my prom details ;-)
 My prom was in July 2012. 

dress- monsoon (strangely where the picture was taken)
bag- accessorise 

bestie!! Who won't mind being on here :)

Daddy x

I couldn't find a good enough picture to include on here of my hair, but I basically had my hair in a bun that was put up by clips with a french plait on one side of my hair. I had my hair exactly the same for my mums wedding a few weeks later!

Sorry this isn't an amazing post, busy busy busy at the moment! I can't wait until Blogmas is over!! (Is that the 25th or the whole of December?!) 

Are you ready for Christmas?! 



  1. You looked lovely :) That dress is stunning on you!

  2. you looks so pretty at prom! I love the idea of a throwback post! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up


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