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Friday, 13 December 2013


It's nearly 11 o'clock and my night has been a drama-filled one to say the least. I really didn't want to go without doing a post but I was so stuck with ideas so I thought I'd just share how I blog 'on the go'. 

I've made it no secret on here that a lot of the blogging I do is when I'm on the bus or at college etc, and I have 4 main (but simple) apps that I use a lot for my blogging on the phone.

I have a folder especially for blogging. 

Blogger- blogger is a must have, although it's very very simple and easy to use (and really doesn't have much else than 'write post' and 'view blog' lol) I use this to write my posts because it's easy to do. 

Bloglovin- although bloglovin frustrates the HELL out of me as you can't comment unless you open the post in Safari, it is good to read posts. Not much else though.

Google- I downloaded google, simply because blogger (the format I use) is run by google and doesn't like to co-operate with Apples' Safari. Very annoying but I prefer the google app!!

Gmail- again, because blogger needed a gmail email to be set up, I set one up and downloaded the app. Everything I have to do with blogging is done through my 'gmail' email address. Keeps everything simple :-)

They are my 4 main apps, but I'm always looking for more to make everything easier for me, but if you have any others to suggest I would love to hear them!

Sorry this post is a bit boring, not feeling 100% myself and I'm knackered!!

What are your favourite blogging apps?! 



  1. I haven't downloaded the Blogger app but it would definitely be useful for mobile blogging! Thanks for sharing your tips :)

  2. I definitely like to write notes and prewrite posts so I am in love with the Evernote app. Keeps me so organized!

    Taylor |


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