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Thursday, 28 November 2013

week in iPhone photos #2 | daisydaisyxxo

Hi guys! Long time so speak. I feel so awful for not posting as I had planned I was going to post AT LEAST once a day, but I completely forgot how busy Christmas time gets. I've got lots of overtime at work (today I did a whole day at college then straight to work until 9pm for late night shopping!). I'm constantly busy at the mo and it's never ending! But I promise I'll try harder to juggle everything. Anyway, this is my second week in iPhone photos!
I had work!
Saturday night
I went to a party with family and friends, I had such a laugh as I always do with my lot! 
I tried on my dream boots. Their perfect aren't they?!
I re-discovered these beauty's. Weathers originals. Best. Things. Ever.
College day, made a magazine editorial that I'm very happy with!
Selfie with my bestie
Thursday night
I had blue eyes. (Post coming soon).

So again a boring but very jam packed week. I'm all over the place at the moment an really need to sort it out! Hopefully I'll be myself again soon.

How's your week been?


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