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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

topshop top picks | daisydaisyxxo

Working in Topshop means I'm constantly drooling over new stock that I want, and simply cannot afford. These are my top picks for the moment.

Boots £45-
I'm not a bootys person, I always stick to wearing trainers because I know I'm safe with them. I recently bought a new pair of boots from Topshop but on reflection, I do sort of wish I had bought these ones instead. I never tried them on but I saw someone wearing them recently and they looked so lovely! On the Christmas list maybe? ;-)

Lips £8-
I'm yet to try the Topshop lipsticks, simply because I don't have £8 to spend on a lipstick, especially when you can't even try them (is this at my Topshop only or everywhere?!). I have however heard such good things about them, and apparently their made by Mac which is always a bonus. 
I really really want a dark shade for winter months, and this Berry shade is perfect. I'm hoping to get this very soon.

Jumper £48-
This is a slight cheat as I already have this jumper, but oh my, isn't it just gorgeous?! I was instantly in love when I saw it and HAD to have it. It was slightly overpriced I will admit, but worth any penny :-)

T-shirt £45-
I actually saw a T-shirt similar to this on the Topshop website a few months ago, but it was £50. Although I thought this was so overpriced, I was still hoping to buy it if it ever come into my local store (mad?!) Fortunately (unfortunately) it never did, so I never got to get it. I still love it though. The quilted pleather is so on trend.

Jeans £38-
I only ever wear jeans, and when I spotted these Daisy print ones, I was in love. As my name is Daisy, when I was younger I was always dressed in things with Daisy's on them. The Topshop Leigh  jeans are my favourites, and put some Daisy's on them, I'm sold!!

Scarf £18-
The print on this scarf is gorgeous. It's the typical 'winter print' that you see on everything over winter, but so gorgeous. However, only judging by the picture, it looks like that horrible fabric that is ichy and uncomfortable. This puts me off slightly, but still, love it nonetheless. 

These are my Topshop top picks, what are yours?! 



  1. I love topshop for jewellery shoes and makeup , love this wishlist x

    1. I'm still waiting to try the makeup :-( I can't wait though! X


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