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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

small sainsburys haul | daisydaisyxxo

Okay okay, so I know that some of you would say that this isn't even worth a whole post about but I thought I'd just share with you a few things that I bought this evening!

SoHo SOAP Co | vanilla smoothie
I must be honest, this jumped out at me because of the lovely packaging! It also had a sign which I later found out I had infact misread - I thought this was £1 but it actually had £1 off. With this it was £1.99 which isn't actually that bad. I've just tried this out (should I admit I'm writing from the bath?!) and it's just like your regular bubble bath, although the smell wore off immediately which I was quite gutted about!
head & shoulders | shampoo & conditioner
Recently I've been really badly suffering with dandruff. This is a problem I've never had in my life, so I was a bit unsure how to go about it. I googled the reasons it could have come on suddenly, but each website had a different answer. I also googled home remedies but if I'm honest, when I was reading them I only thought they would be doing my hair worse than any good! I have never used head & shoulders except when I'm at my boyfriends with nothing else to use, so I wouldn't know how well it works with dandruff but I'm going to try it out tonight - I'll keep you posted!
vosene | dandruff shampoo
I picked this up before the head and shoulders and if I'm honest, I completely forgot in was in the shopping basket. As I just explained, I was looking for a dandruff shampoo and the fact it says 'works from 1st use' jumped out at me. I'm going to be washing my hair soon but I'm at a loss which to try first!
Aussie | 3 minute miracle
So finally, this was just a re-purchase! I swear by this product and I've re-bought several times now. Although with the flakey situation I think I'll put using it on pause!
Do you have any dandruff remedies? Leave me a comment!
Thanks for reading!

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