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Monday, 18 November 2013

daisydaisyxxo | beauty essentials

I love reading peoples beauty essentials. I think mostly because I'm such a cheapskate when it comes to makeup so I love drooling over peoples expensive things, wishing I could afford to spend my money on makeup (which I cannot, AT ALL.) So here are my beauty essentials-

Ted Baker Makeup Bag
Well, what can I say about my makeup bag?! Not a lot! I picked up my ted baker cosmetics case from boots kind of on a whim. I don't splash out on purses and things like that, simply because I don't feel the need. After receiving the most gorgeous ted baker purse for my 17th birthday from my mum, priced at a whopping £75 I was obviously very grateful but also knew that the purse would probably be my only item of ted baker (except for my body spray) I would ever own, so you can imagine my excitement when I popped into my local boots and the makeup bag I saw was under £15! I was actually amazed. I stood there trying to figure out why it was so cheap, but I didn't want to ponder for too long incase it was too good to be true so I snapped it up! I have only used this one ever since.
Johnson's makeup wipes
These have been a must have for me ever since I started to steal them from my mum when I first started wearing makeup. I've tried many different facial and water-based makeup removers but I always come back to these. They are quite expensive (as I said, cheap skate!) but I normally try to sneak them in mums shopping basket. ;-) I would truly swear by these, they are the only wipe that I find can take off my many layers of mascara.
Ted Baker body spray 
I always try to have a body spray in my bag/on the shelve just because they're so useful to freshen yourself up whenever you need to. If you've forgotten to wear perfume that day, or don't like wearing perfume body sprays are amazing. I think pretty much every body spray I've ever smelt has always had a lush smell, but my go-to scent at the moment is this Ted Baker butterfly one.
Olay Essentials- touch of foundation
My boyfriends mum actually introduced me to this. I've never been a foundation lover, purely because I think all foundations I've tried have been too thick on my skin, and also as I don't have the worst skin going (occasional spot now and again!!) I don't really NEED a foundation as such. So when certain brands started bringing out things such as BB creams and tinted moisturiser, I was bang on it! Truth be told, this is the only one I've properly tried so far, but it's around £10 (I bought it half price - £10?!) and has lasted me such a long time. 3-4 months +! Mine is VERY nearly out, and when it does run out I'm defiantly going to try another tinted moisturiser/BB cream. Is there any you'd recommend?
Natural Collection; eyeshadow duo (for eyebrows), bronzer & loose powder
I'm grouping all the natural collection products in one because I have a feeling this post could become verrrryyy long!! I guess the only reason I even looked at the natural collection stuff is because its CHEAP!! Everything is under £2 which is so cheap and even if it isn't the best quality, its £2 so who cares!? I use one of duo eyeshadow for my eyebrows, just because I have tried pencils before and as I have full and thick eyebrows, I only use this to fill them in slightly. The loose powder was another product bought on a whim. I had before used an Avon loose powder that I loved but it came to a point where I just KNEW i needed to get another one, and finally gave in. I'm pleased I bought this loose powder and would defiantly re-buy when I've run out. Then the bronzer.. Well.. this was a bit of a random buy! I have naturally dark skin tones and I never really got on well with bronzers. Why, I don't know. But recently I've dabbled a little bit more into the bronzer world, and although I don't use it EVERY day, I would say its an essential because it's always great to have. I know a lot of people are bronzer or blusher, and I'm certainly bronzer.
NYC high definition mascara
I'm defiantly seeing a pattern appearing.. Why did I buy this mascara?! Because it was cheap (ha ha ha ha). But on a serious note, YES I did buy this mascara because it was cheap (around £3), but I'm sooooo glad I did because it has become my ALL TIME favourite mascara. I have re-bought this 5 or 6 times! I also love this because I wear soooo much mascara, if I did buy an expensive one, I would be spending A LOT of money!!
Simple kind to skin
I guess this is just in here because I always moisturise my face before putting on my tinted moisturiser, because I feel it goes on a lot better. The only reason its THIS brand is because it's the one im using at the moment. I do use other brands too.
Tresemme hairspray
This is another 'this is just here because..' I always carry a hairspray in my bag because I have loads of loose hairs that aren't the same length as my hair, so a strong hold hairspray is just a must have.\
So, there we have it! My beauty essentials! I just want to put it out there I'm NO beauty guru, and I REALLY don't think I am. These are my honest opinions of these products and I definatly don't have the first clue about makeup! (Maybe I shouldn't admit that so honestly in my second post!) Hey-ho!
Hope you've enjoyed this post. What are your beauty essentials?



  1. Great post! I really like reading about your essentials, I'm also a cheap buyer,lol. I can't wait to try the nyk mascara! I really like your blog, I'm following you now on google+. Checkout my blog and if you like it follow me too. Let's keep in touch :)


    1. Cheap buying is the way forward! *high five*. I'd defiantly recommend the NYC mascara for cheap buyers who aren't OBSESSED with the quality, you are buying cheap after all! Thanks for stopping by :-) xx


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