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Sunday, 17 November 2013

daisydaisyxxo | about me

So as this is my first post on my new blog, I thought I could only do the 'about me' tag so you can all get to know me.
I have stole these questions from - make sure you check out her blog!
1.Do you have a middle name? Beatrice - don't laugh :-(
2. What was your favourite subject in school? My favourite subject was always textiles, however I was naturally better at media.
3. What’s your favourite drink? Errrm, this is a tough one! I don't really drink a lot, so I'd have to say either blackcurrent squash (boring I know but I drink so much!!) or fanta fruit twist.
4. Favourite song at the moment? I'm absoloutely loving Arctic Monkeys new album, and my favourite song from it is 'Why'd you only call me when you're high?'                                                                                                                                                                                            5. What would you name your children? Considering how much I want children, its a surprise I've never really thought about it! I suppose I'd like something a bit different though, not one of the common names that you get everywhere.                                  
 6. Do you participate in any sports? Ha! Is this a trick question?! I'm the most unfittest person you'll ever meet.
7. Favourite Book? I can't say I read, unless magazines count!
8. Favourite Colour? I don't really know.. I wear a lot of black, and I wouldn't say I have a favourite colour. I do like all things pastel though.
9. Favourite Animal? A penguin! I actually cannot stand animals, but penguins are so sweet to look at! 
10. Favourite perfume? Probably would have to be the typical Lady Million, although I have hundreds!
11. Favourite holiday? I've been to nearly all of the cannary islands - I wouldnt say their amazing, but their very hot and anywhere hot gets a vote from me!
12. Have you graduated High School? Yes. I left school last year, and I'm now in my second year of Graphics at college.
13. Have you been out of the Country? I have been to loads of places which I'm very thankful for!
14. Do you speak any other Languages? Not at all. I hated French at school and always messed around - I even question my ability to speak English sometimes!
15. Do you have any siblings? I have one younger half brother who is my absolute world.
16. What’s your favourite store? I work in Topshop, so I mainly buy my clothes from there, although I love Primark (obvs!!) however the closest one to me is about 30 miles away. :-(
17. Favourite Restaurant? I would always say Frankie & Benny's through and through, although recently I went to Prezzo for my birthday and it was LUSH!
18. Did you like school? I was a typical person who couldn't wait to leave school, but looking back now I actually had such a good year in my last year and reaaallyyy miss it!
19. Favourite YouTubers? I watch thousands! I have done for years too. A few favourites would be Grace from UglyFaceOfBeauty, Zoe from zoella280390, Becca from voussontbeauetbelle, Kate from Dollybowbow, I have watched several of these since the beginning!
20. Favourite Movie? I HATE films. Everyone calls me crazy but I just hate watching them! Their so time consuming and I just can think of better things to do with my time! Sorry!!
21. Favourite Tv show? I'm a soaps and reality tv show fan!
22. Pc or Mac? Mac, only because thats all I've ever known.. We've always had macs since I can remember!
23. What phone do you have? I recently upgraded to a Nokia Lumia 820 but I got my iPhone 4 back after a week! Oops!
24. How tall are you? No idea! I'm very short though, so I'd have to guess 5'5 AT A RANDOM GUESS!


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  1. Hi! Loved the post! I also really like Zoe and Becca! :)
    Good luck with your blog!


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