Bury St Edmunds Food & Drink Festival

You may (or may not) already know that I live in the lovely little town of Bury St Edmunds, a small floral town in Suffolk situated between Ipswich & Cambridge and not too far from London*, and its an absolute delight living here!! It’s beautiful

We’re very lucky to have tons of events going on throughout the year, but one of the very best of the bunch has to be our annual food & drink festival which truly gets bigger and better every year. This year, not only do we have celebrity and local chefs, food & drink stalls and a farmers market, we also have a taste of Rio coming to Langton Place. With lots to look forward to, this years bank holiday is looking set to be a tasty one! 

Here’s what you need to know:
DATE- 28th & 29th August
LOCATION- Across Bury St Edmunds town centre 
COST- Absolutely FREE!
TIME- 10am-5pm

With a Rio carnival atmosphere, themed food, drink and dancing there will also be mask workshops throughout the day over at Langton Place.  Not only is there a huge selection of things to see and do for the adults, there is also a mini-farm, fairground rides, punch & Judy, henna tattoos, street entertainment, the beach in the Arc and a picnic area by Halifax. Phew, thats a lot to fit in! 

Celebrity chef Galton Blackiston joins us for the second year running on the Sunday. Galton is a regular on the BBC’s Saturday Kitchen and has appeared on many other TV shows. Can you believe he has held a Michelin star for over 14 years?!

If you are a regular Lorraine viewer, you will know resident chef James Tanner… He will be joining us for the first time on the bank holiday Monday. You may also remember him from Ready, Steady, Cook.

Next week, as it draws closer I’ll be sharing my top picks of the weekend and what you cannot miss!   

*a complete lie by the way, its just the easiest way to explain where it is!

Collaboration with Our Bury St Edmunds

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Baby Girl Clothing Haul

I have been so excited to do this post for such a long time. I've made it no secret I was very very shocked when I found out we are having a girl. I wasn't disappointed, I had just thought for such a long time my baby had to be a boy, it just took some time to get used to. K is awful at baby shopping, he hates looking at the girls stuff so I wasn't very excited about all the cute baby clothes. This, added with the fact she isn't due until November and the only thing in shops is summery, I couldn't really buy much. 

However, a few weeks ago I went shopping with my mum who obviously got me very excited. She loved all the little girls stuff and loved looking around for it (YAY!! Shopping partner!). I have got so many gorgeous bits which I would love to do more hauls with so please let me know if you'd like to see more!

Trousers & Bomber Jacket from Next

All above from M&S

Dribble bibs from Next \ Socks from M&S

Daisy xxx

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Duty Free/Airport Haul

I recently went to Greece flying from Heathrow. I went to the airport with intentions that I was going to treat myself. I didn't go craaaazy, but if you've followed me for a while you'll know I have next to nothing in the way of 'high end' makeup (I didn't even really own anything MAC before this) so I wanted to get a few bits.

I started with MAC as I knew I wanted to get my first ever lipstick. I didn't even bother looking at the shades, I just asked if they had Velvet Teddy (£12.50) as I had tried my cousins a few months ago and loved it. She found it for me straight away and I was super pleased. Secondly, I wanted a highlighter. I was browsing them but if you've ever been to a duty free MAC, especially Heathrow North terminal, they are normally quite small with very few assistants so as soon as she was free I just asked her recommendation... She said the Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade (£20ish) was her fave, I swatched it and liked it, so didn't even think twice and purchased it. It was quite a rushed, panic buying experience! 

If you haven't seen Benefits new releases, you must have been living under the rock. I had the Benefit Brow Zings a few years ago and loved it, although since something put me off buying it again (I think it was the price...), however my mum bought it a few months ago in Duty Free and I always use hers so I decided to pick a new one up. I went for Benefit Brow Zings 04 (£20) which I wasn't sure would be the right shade as I haven't tried the new shades but its fine, it matches perfectly. The only thing I would say is I'm sure they have changed the product as it doesn't overwhelm me like my mums does when I use hers....

I got Bourjois Bronzer & Highlighting Duo (£7.99) from Boots, in the airport so it counts, but I really don't like it, soz. I know its every bloggers fave bronzer but nah, I don't like it :(

And lastly, just to sneak it in, I actually FINALLY bought Mary Lou Manizer (£17.50) (before holiday but it also counts). I've been eyeing it up for the longest time, but when FeelUnique sent me a discount code I ended up buying it for about £12!! BARGAIN!! And I ADORE IT! I actually have a full review coming soon so look out for that. :)

Have you picked up anything from Duty Free recently? Let me know if you've done a haul!

I just wanted to mention the new blog design and a slight name change too, I love love love it so would be grateful for any feedback! :)

Daisy xxx

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22 Week Pregnancy Update & GENDER REVEAL!!

Ahhhh how the devil are yah? I read back on my 13-14 week update post just to see what kind of things I wrote about, and I said at the start I wanted to do WEEKLY updates!! Pahaha, who was I kidding. It's been 8+ weeks since my last update (which was actually my last blog post, I am terrible!!), so grab a cuppa as you know how I like to babble on.

So as I write this I am 22+1 day. If you follow me on Twitter you should already know as I haven't stopped talking about it but we are having a GIRL!!! As you can imagine this was a huge surprise, after the amount of times I said I would put money on my baby being a boy. He turned out to be a she, which was the biggest shock I've ever had in all my life and if I'm completely honest it still hasn't sunk in. 

I am obviously so over the moon to have my own baby girl, but I hadn't even looked at anything girly as I was so set she was a boy. I thought I would be obsessed with buying clothes straight away but if I'm honest it was the last thing I wanted to do. I liked girls clothes, but I loved boys clothes. I had already picked out bits I liked from certain shops so I had to take a while to get used to not going straight to the boys section. I have also realised I'm very fussy when it comes to picking her clothes so she hasn't actually got much so far, poor baby. 

I went shopping with my mum on Saturday just gone (haul coming soon...) and I tweeted that it was the first day I felt completely happy I was having a girl. I can't lie and say I wasn't a teeny, tiny bit disappointed (well, more shocked than anything) when she told me it was a girl but I am finally over that and I'm ready for my little lady.

We recently got back from our pre-baby holiday to Greece. It was stupidly hot, and I only managed two days in the sun before I had to retire to most the day under shade. I still really enjoyed it though, all I kept thinking about was next time we go away we will have a child in toe. The picture was taken at nearly 21 weeks but I feel I had a massive growth on holiday. I am now over that 'are you fat or pregnant?' stage, and have actually been asked a few times when I'm due. I love when people notice I'm pregnant, as before I used to just get looks of confusion. I haven't grown much since the picture, and I am forever being told how small I am, although I'm not convinced anyone can actually tell.

I have put on nearly a stone, and in my last update I said I had put on 4 pounds so its gone on quite quickly since then. I'm not too worried as Ive had people tell me they put on stones and stones, and I needed a bit of extra weight.

I still haven't had any cravings. I try and explain at work whenever somebody asks me... A craving to me is something you HAVE to have there and then. I've been told I would wake K up at night because a craving was so bad he needed to get me it, but i've had none of that. I've fancied stuff, but never NEEDED anything which I think is the true meaning of a craving.

My sleep is up and down. The past few nights have been awful. I have been getting 4-5 hours sleep, then I will wake up, usually at silly o'clock ready to get up for the day. It's like my body is just rejecting sleep and I don't know why. The thing is, I don't then feel really tired during the day, I just feel normal. It's really odd and I hope my pattern goes back to normal soon!

My sickness/nausea has gone completely, I never ever get it anymore *touch wood*. I have been getting acid reflux on and off, but I've only really had it about 3 times properly. It's a strange old thing! My back has been terrible but as I've mentioned so many times I do actually have back problems. And my boobs/nipples have been SO itchy I can't do anything to get the itch. Asides from those little bits, I have felt the most normal I have felt in 22 weeks. Everyone said to me I would start feeling better but did I believe them? Did I heck! 

I can't believe how much I've wrote for this 'small' update, I guess thats what happens when you don't do an update for such a long time!! I'll do better next time, I promise.

I also feel like my blog is becoming very baby based, which is just because I've had no time to do anything else. I love writing the baby posts, and I can write and write and write, however I promise I will be doing some more other posts soon. I want to get back to blogging as I miss it so so much!! And maybe a make over is on the cards too...

Daisy xxx

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13-14 Week Pregnancy Update

I was certain that I would do at least weekly updates on here during my pregnancy, even if you don't like reading them, for my own viewing as I really want to be able to look back on my pregnancy. It's been a struggle to gain the energy to even write this one, which I have been planning to do for nearly 2 weeks now. I will do updates when I can, however I have come to my own conclusion that they will probably (almost certainly) won't be weekly!

Today I am 14 weeks + 3 days pregnant. I have been pregnant for 101 days. I am firmly in my second trimester and my baby is the size of a peach. I am not enjoying pregnancy, full stop. There, I said it! Call me a bad person, but I have not enjoyed a minute of it so far. *que the violins* 

One of my main and worst symptoms is sickness. I must admit, I haven't been sick once however I have all day every day nausea. It really starts to get irritating when you just cannot do anything to shift it. Some days its worse, some days I gag even when I talk and some days I just want to run to the toilet and make myself sick as its that bad. Obviously I have times where it passes slightly but there is always a niggling sicky feeling in my stomach somewhere. The recent weeks I was certain it was beginning to pass completely but nope, its back with a vengeance. I'm sure it's worse now than it was before.

How far along: 14 weeks + 3 days

Days until due date: 179!!!!

My bump: growing more every day! I look in the mirror every morning and I'm sure I get bigger by the hour.

Weight changes: I have put on about 4 pounds in the past month, ouch.

Cravings: food!!! The only thing I've really been craving is ice lollies. I think its due to the weather though! 

Sleep: Terrible. I usually sleep on my front so for the past few months Ive been trying to get used to sleeping on my back/side. Its really not going well meaning I have restless sleep pretty much every night. SAD TIMES.

Symptoms: sickness as mentioned above, I've had heartburn tonnes, my back has been aching, I have had a headache every day for the past 2-3 weeks but again, I think it could be due to the weather, sore boobies!

Gender: unknown at the moment (28th June I will find out!) however I'm certain it's a boy.

Mood: terrible. I'm always so snappy, exhausted and tired and if I'm 100% honest I've really struggled lately.

Looking forward to: our next scan and going on holiday the day after!! My holiday shopping is out of control.

I still have so much more that I could say, I feel like my pregnancy posts will all be one massive ramble as I can talk for hours about it! but I won't bore you now, maybe soon ;-)

I hope you like the update posts, please do let me know if you would like to see regular ones and I'll try my best for you!! 
Daisy xxx

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My HUGE Announcement!!! | Lifestyle

Hi guys! Long time no speak. If you follow me on Twitter or are my Facebook friend you will probably already know I'M PREGNANT! Now its out in the open I just want to shout it from the roof tops. I have known for over 2 months so it feels so good to be able to let the world know too. As I write this, I am 13 weeks pregnant today, so yesterday I had my official '12 week dating scan' (which is the time that most people wait to share the news as you are in the safer stages!). I have so so much to say so I'm not sure weather I'll split this in to two posts or just one huge one! 

So the thing everyone loves to know, how did I find out? It was actually my boyfriend that was telling me to do a test. I had no symptoms whatsoever, and for some reason he just knew. I was at my best friend Dani's house and she had a spare test so she told me to do that one. Off I went upstairs to do it, I think if you're expecting it to come back positive you wait around nervously and time feels like its going by so slowly... I was the complete opposite. I did my wee on the stick (gross, I'm sorry) and just looked at it. Obviously I didn't expect it to say anything so I wasn't that bothered. Oh how wrong I was. I think the tests suggest you wait about 5 minutes or so, but my test was instant. Instant isn't even the word, it didn't even take a mini second. It was positive. 

My bestie wasn't expecting it either, to be honest we were both just doing it to shut K up as he had been going on for ages. I went downstairs and was nervously grinning. She thought I was just nervous, or trying to wind her up. I just turned it around and showed her. We were both in complete shock! We literally put on our shoes and went straight to Asda as I needed more tests to be certain. 

I splashed out on a Clearblue test (the one that says how many weeks) and a pack of cheaper Asda own ones. When I got home I did the Clearblue, which again came back straight away as positive but you have to wait a little bit longer for the weeks to come back. I also did one of the cheaper tests which yet again was instant. I was pregnant. It was certain. The Clearblue test came back as 3+ weeks (which is the most it says, so I could be anything from 3 weeks+). I kind of had it in my head I was around 5-6 weeks meaning my due date would be end of October/November time. I made my appointments with the midwife and got my first scan date through pretty quickly.

Forward on a few weeks, I was at work and had just downed quite a large drink of hot chocolate. I had incredible stomach bloating which was a bit sore and I mentioned it to a few of the girls. I went and sat in the back office for a few minutes which was followed by absolute immense abdominal pain. I kept my cool until someone I work with came in and said 'are you okay?' (you know thats the worst thing to ask someone if they aren't okay) and I just broke down. I had recently found out I was pregnant, I had no idea how far gone I was and was in SO much pain. I rung my midwife and she suggested I get myself to hospital if its that bad, better to be safe than sorry. Some of the girls at work made the decision for me that I was going to A&E. My mum met me up there followed by my step dad and boyfriend. I had some blood tests etc and the nurse felt for baby, all seemed fine. Then she told me to head up to ward F14 but no information was given, I didn't even know what F14 was! Turned out it was the EPU (early pregnancy unit) and I was having an emergency scan. I am so glad I got to have an early scan, although it wasn't in the best circumstances but it made me SO at ease and I've not had any type of pains since! She dated me which made my due date of the 19th or 20th November. 

Yesterday I had my official dating scan, which is the one where you get the scan picture and do it all properly, not in a state of panic. She changed my date again, but I think the 12 week dating scan is pretty accurate. My due date is now 15th November, so it's only changed by a few days. K's birthday is the 13th so I am making a bet it will come then.

I am conscious this is becoming such a long post so I think I might follow up with a 13 week update where I will go in to more detail about how I'm feeling etc. I am also obsessed with reading mummy blog posts, I love reading ones close to the same dates as me to see how everyone else is feeling! Please leave your recommendations!! 

Daisy xxx

PS- thank you SO much for all your kind words etc on Twitter!! I LOVE YOU ALL!! 
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